A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play here: https://n42k.ddns.net

Multiplayer game about automating your farm. Has many features available such as:

Growing 3 different types of crops (Cabbages, Carrots and Corn).

Irrigation system (both manually, with a watering can, and automatically, with pipes and sprinklers).

Farming vehicles (Auto Hoer, Sower, Harvester, Truck).

A Race Car and a Race Track, with drifting physics.

A private farm that only you have access to, and a global store that can be accessed by all players, and they can also farm there cooperatively.

An expensive drone, allowing to purchase and sell items from your farm.

Extra features not mentioned in the game:

Press Enter/Return to chat.

Chat '/name <your new name>' to alter your name.

The engine for the game, including networking and graphics, was made by me. The source code of it and the game is available below.


To start out, buy an hoe, a watering can, and cabbage seeds. Use the hoe on grass with the Space key to hoe the ground into land you can farm. Select the seeds, then press Space on the farmland to plant them. Take water from the lake south of the store with your watering can using the Space key. Then water your crops using the Space key.

Furthermore, if you wish to farm in private, without anyone stealing your crops, there's a private farm available if you go down the south path onto your farm. You can come back by going back up the path.

Plumbing: buy pipes and sprinklers, then go to your private farm. Connect the pipes to your main connection (at the top left of your farm), then use a sprinkler to spread water. Any farmland you place near the sprinkler will remain watered. To remove pipes or sprinklers use the wrench tool. If you remove the main water connection of your farm, you can simply put it back again in the same place.

Known Bugs:

Your inventory will not display correctly when harvesting crops. Switch maps to fix it.

Due to the above, when you switch maps, your money might increase (as you sold more crops than you thought you had)

Your name gets reset every time you change maps, or reconnect. You can /name yourself again.

When placing items in a vehicle, you can get more than the stack size limit of your inventory.

Tiles hoed by the Auto Hoer are not automatically irrigated. You can seed them anyway and they will quickly become irrigated. Alternatively, leave and come back to your farm, press F5, or lay down some pipe, to update the irrigation.

Vehicles can be laggy.


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Source Code 301 kB

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